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Enjoying a luxury villa is like no other experience.

A luxury private estate offers exclusivity for you and your family or friends, along with the dedicated service of your personal staff.We include the chef to create delicious gastronomic experiences, your personal trainer to train you, a spa treatment in your spa or perhaps a massage at the end of a day of touring, hiking or scuba diving. There is no end to the possibilities available to you with Sardinia Luxury Realty. It's like having your own private luxury hotel, where you are the only guest. Our properties are a far cry from the standard "villas" that can be found on any number of websites. The experience begins when our customers tell us about their ideal location, with all the specifications they desire. So we draw on our years of experience and source just the right fit for luxury, service and ambiance. We understand the beauty, comfort and safety required by our customers and have comprehensive services to meet the high expectations of our customers. Our services are timely, efficient, competent and "hands-on" down to the smallest details of your stay, even before leaving your home.”

Sardinia Luxury Travel

Our network of connections is global and based above all on quality assurance and provides our clients with unique access to the highest standard of homes and services in Sardinia. It's an art we've perfected.

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